UFO Sighting in Bayern, Germany of Red Orb & Jet, Oct 25, 2010, photos.

Location of sighting: Kaufbeuren/Bayern, Germany
Date of sighting: Oct 25, 2010

In the sky over Kaufbeuren and Bayern was a glowing UFO in the sky. This object suddenly caught my attention when looking at the Kaufbeuren/Bayern live web cam. When I noticed the object, I at first thought it was bizarre so I began staring at it.

Although the clouds moved past the object, the glowing orange craft hovered in place never moving away.This glowing object was in the sky for only about six minutes before it slowly faded and disappeared altogether. While this was happening I took some screen shots of it, but did not have the time to video it.

Oddly, I also saw a cigar like craft (middle right side of photo), but am uncertain about it, but saw it a minutes after the jet passed.

Below: cigar craft, just above clouds.

Also a few minutes after it disappeared a jet flew over where it had been, perhaps a military jet in Germany sent to investigate the UFO in their airspace. I am including a few of the screen shots I took.

Below: Jet photo.

I have heard about people using live web cams for searching for UFOs, so I guess they are right, this is a great way to search since you can look at many web cams at once or even one ever minute.

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