UFO Sighting over Illinois, USA on October 13, 2010 Boomerang Craft, see Photos.

UFO Sighting Date: October 13, 2010
UFO Sighting Location: Illinois, USA

Approximately 8:35 PM, I had just returned home form the store with my daughter. I sent her upstrairs to send the dog down so I could walk her.

As I walked out the back gate (facing due South), a commercial jet caught my eye, it had lights across the entire span that were red/white/blue. And it was rather low, I would estimate it to be no more than 1000 - 2000 feet. As I watched it, and it passed over me (it was moving North East, coming from the South East - Likely taking off from Midway Airport), another thing caught my eye moving pretty low, and pretty fast from the North West.

At first I thought it was birds flying in formation - but then I noticed that it was moving much too fast, and actually had a solid shape to it. The rear portion was actually blocking out the few stars you can see in Chicago, and the sly itself with blackness. So it did appear to have mass.

It was a shape much like that of a B-2 Stealth, but more boomerang shaped. The object made no sound, had no lights, and left no comtrail, nothing really. I am guessing that the only reason I was able to see it was because of the moon and bright stars illuminating it. The moon I think was likely crescent or similar stage, but it was very clear that night so it was bright.

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