UFO sighting photo taken in Indiana on 10-11-2010.

Date of sighting: 2010-10-11
Location of sighting: Indiana, USA

We were driving through a neighborhood off on Thompson Road, at approximately 1:01 a.m. and seen a blue circular object in the sky, and we immediately stopped the car.

Below can be seen three separate craft, not just one.

The object was spinning and dipping up and down in the sky, which is what cought me offguard, i had no idea what it was, it would turn blue for about 20 seconds, then flash red and white for about 5 seconds and change back to blue.

As we all started talking, we were thinking it was a plane, but we then realized that planes do not go that fast and crazy throughout the sky, & that is when we all said UFO at the same time. We tried to follow the object, and we eventually lost it, because it was moving so quick. It looked as if went straight back up into the sky. I was shocked. It was one of the coolest, yet scariest things i had ever seen. We immediately called and reported it to a radio station.

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