UFO Sighting in on Nov 6, 2010 of Glowing orb France, see video.

UFO Sighting in on Nov 6, 2010 of Glowing orb France, see video.

Date of Sighting: Nov 6, 2010

Location of sighting: France

This video was recorded in France and as the person was looking at the sunset, they noticed a glowing orb flying into a dark cloud. Although the dark cloud was not a lot bigger than the orb, the orb disappeared inside it. It is unclear if the second orb seen is the same one or not, but its size seems much smaller or it is without the smoky haze the first one had. You will have to pause the video in places to see it clearly, but what you see will be amazing.

UFO at 12 seconds into video, 30 seconds in video and 1:30 into video. Pause at these places.

I have said many times, that 60-70% of all UFO sightings take place during sunset and sunrise. If you want to try to find orbs or other UFOs, then I suggest sunset is your best bet. You will need a 14X zoom or better for good results. Many digital cameras have 30-60 zoom with video so you can zoom in on objects that are in the clouds with no problem. Good luck and enjoy the sunset hunt.

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