UFO Sighting of many Earth size objects in orbit around our Sun's surface, 1-28-2011.

Date of sighting: January 28, 2011
Location of sighting: Earth's Sun

The SOHO consortium released new photos of our sun today. I went through the scanning for anomalies and found some within a few seconds.

I found it odd that a few of the objects were black or not glowing. This indicates that these objects are not hot, yet that should be impossible. The edges of the sun are easiest to spot the UFOs.

Below black and white photo was red, but has been changed.

Original photo.

Yellow is also original unaltered.

Many news organizations around the world reported about these Earth size UFOs back in 2010, and many reports can easily be found with video proof, if you google the keywords, "sun, UFOs."

On the red photo I did change it to Black and white. That brought up another unseen UFO, as well as make another more clear.

Source: photos courtesy of SOHO/LASCO consortium. A project of international cooperation between NASA & ESA.

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