Google map discovery of UFO hovering over Franklin, Tennessee, UFO Sighting News.

Google map discovery of UFO hovering over Franklin, Tennessee, screenshot.

Location of sighting: Franklin, Tennessee
Date of discovery: March 1, 2011

The person states,"I was searching Google maps for something unrelated when I saw this in the background."

This UFO like many others found on Google Map could be deleted as soon as Google discovers it on the web, but for now we have a great screenshot as proof.

Check out a few of the other UFO sightings found on Google Map, but have since been deleted from the system.

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  1. Where are the map locations for confirmation?

    1. All UFOs were deleted by Google within 3 months. I have never seen them sweep so many UFOs under the rug so fast. Back in 2011 I saw about 20-30 reports of these silver orbs around the world, then 3 months later they all were deleted by Google. Since then every UFO I have reported on Google map has been deleted by those @$%$ing morons within 3-6 months.

      I do believe the last one is just a water tower, but the rest are 100% real. I don't think you can find them anywhere else. They were all deleted too.

    2. hahaha, do you ACTUALLY believe this? Like, really? Be honest..


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