UFO Sighting Over Cheung Chau, China April 2011, & is still there Now On Live Cam!

UFO Sighting Over Cheung Chau, China April 2011, & is still there Now On Live Cam!

Location of sighting: Cheung Chau, China
Date of sighting: April 8, 2011, Friday 12:15 (note China is 1 day ahead of USA)

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Below photo is 15 min before above UFO photo.

I was watching the weather cam of China and noticed that the next still photo shot of the cam had a long rod like UFO in it. This UFO seems very large and its width can easily be seen.

Notice in below photo, a diamond shape near the long UFO.

All of the earlier shots did not have this UFO, probably because the cam only takes one shot per 15 minutes.

Another odd thing is that this cam froze at 12:15 and did not take another shot at 12:30 or at 13:00 hours. Perhaps the UFO caused the cam to freeze up? I looked at the other cams and all the other 15 cams were still working.

Also note, this city is on a Chinese island near Hong Kong.

I (Scott C. Waring) am including the cam address below.

About an hour later I checked again and the cam said "THIS PAGE IS UNDER MAINTENANCE." I ask you, is there any bigger sign that this UFO sighting was real than it causing the camera to freeze up and not function for a certain period of time? So not only can UFOs stall cars, jets, digital watches but they can also freeze up Internet cams. This is new to the UFO research field and could be proof of a real UFO sighting.

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