Dragon Like Creature rises out of the sun in NASA sun & UFOs orbiting sun, May 20 News.

Dragon Like Creature rises out of the sun in NASA sun & UFOs orbiting sun, May 20 News.

Sighting Location: Earth's Sun
Sighting Date: May 19-20, 2011

Click to enlarge & note the date.

As I was looking over NASA SOHO/LASCO consortium of photos from today and yesterday, I found several UFOs orbiting the sun. Now please understand this is not a small thing but these objects are near the size of our Earth. Look closely and you will see these objects are not on fire, not leaving a tail like a comet and not as hot as the sun. Instead these objects look calm, cold and unscathed by the heat. That...should not be possible.

UFO at bottom right.

Also I found a strange dragon like creature seemingly to rise from the flames of the sun. Is this the legendary Phoenix, an actual alien species hundreds of times bigger than our Earth or just our of control flames escaping the sun. Before you decide, please look at the photos carefully. You will see a long tail, hind legs, mouth, nostrils, and two eyes and small upper front legs.

Note the date, day earlier than above photos. Small UFO on far left.

Do you remember back in 2006 when US scientists accused NASA of hiding the existence of a large number of UFOs around Earths Sun? 

U.S. meteorologist Scott Stevens declared that the natural catastrophe had been generated by Russian scientists. This time around, he accused NASA of concealing data relayed to Earth by SOHO, an orbital solar telescope.

Scott Stevens maintains he has analyzed all photographs available in the SOHO archives. He claims to have found several perfectly identical objects on the photographs taken during a number of years. Therefore, the researcher says, it would be only logical to point out that UFOs would have never been the objects of the same size and form if stardust or residual solar plasma had really caused those “irregularities.”
“I am confident that UFOs are flying in the vicinity of our star,” says Stevens. “I am talking about a fleet of UFOs operating near the Sun. I believe that both NASA and the U.S. government are aware of the existence of a certain civilization whose spacecraft are capable of resisting extremely high temperatures. The powers that be are simply afraid to admit the fact. They haven’t yet decided on the tactics,” says Stevens.
Another Stevens’s theory has to do with extraterrestrial activity involving UFOs near the Sun. According to the theory, UFOs are usually photographed by SOHO prior to large solar flares caused by some experiments conducted by aliens.
If his last theory is true, this dragon like creature may be a large solar flare or a sign of mass UFO sightings to come.

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