Ghana, West Africa UFO sighting of three glowing orbs over home, May 11, 2011, video.

Date of sighting: May 11, 2011
Location of sighting: Ghana West Africa

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Eyewitness states:
"Greetings, this morning about 5:30am we have a very clear view of three objects in the sky, I was able to film them for some time, and it is the first time that they have appeared at this time so close together, they seem to be going away in the east just before sunrise, so have a good look and see what i saw live and direct from Ghana West Africa."

This video is one of the most greatest sightings I have reported this year on this site. He holds the camera steady. He chats his thoughts and it's a day time sighting in a country where UFOs are not often reported. Its a very rare and fortunate find for the UFO research community.

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  1. Í've seen either these very objects or something identical in the night skies in Akuapem North back in 1993 or 1994. They were gliding slowly downwards for a few minutes then suddenly zoomed upwards one after the other and disappeared in a matter of seconds. I've always wondered what they were since then.


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