Amazing orbs flying around campers in Forest in Maine, UFO sighting news.

Thank you Ali for sending in these amazing orb photos to UFO Sighting Daily. Please visit his cool site below.

Location of sighting: Whiteneyville, Maine, USA

"These photos were shot a few summers ago on a group camping trip in Whiteneyville, Maine. The atmosphere of the party in the woods was one of gleeful celebration."

"I began to snap photos into the air and noticed the orbs. The energy of the land was very thick yet positive in vibration. As you can see in one of the pictures we were able to capture the texture of one of these. It had not been raining and my lens was clean so I was at a loss as to what I could have been catching. I would like to assume friendly entities of another dimension. Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for sharing these on your wonder blog Scott, keep it up!"

Plz visit Ali's site at: http://aligallagher.blogspot.com

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