NBC Fort Worth, Texas cam catches UFO that does fast U-turn, July 25, 2011, UFO Sighting news.

Date of sighting: July 25, 2011
Location of sighting: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Watch this NBC live sky cam that catches a UFO that almost hits the ground then does a U turn and shoot back where it came from. To see it with more light, please jump to 1:02 of the video. This will make it easier to see as it turns a horseshoe u-turn! Absolutely amazing catch.

"Station management, contacted UFO investigators to review the video and offer an opinion on the nature — or unnatural source — of the light. That should be interesting."

Me? I think it was intelligent extraterrestrial life who approached and realized, nope, no advanced life-forms here, then took a hard right to go look elsewhere.

Source: Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas http://eastdallastimes.com/

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  1. What does THIS mean? (reference from "Double Rainbow") meme...

  2. This is intense a close friend and I saw something similar to this last night during 1/2 am July 31st this thing is traveling somewhere. I'm so interested in it.


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