UFO Sighting mail bag, Cloud UFO Glowing Over Tampa, Florida on July 11, 2011, photo.

Date of sighting: July 11, 2011
Location of sighting: Tampa, Florida, USA

I got this in our UFO Report mailbag today. It does look like a UFO that poked a hole in a cloud and got caught by the suns rays, but honestly there is only a few ways to tell if it is a UFO for sure. First we need radar confirmation, second if you saw orbs flying around it that would due, but it helps to have video, but this is an awesome photo of a possible cloaked UFO. Great work Brian! I swear it looks like a mothership taking off, wow!

eyewitness states: "I saw this unusual cloud in the sky, it looked like the sun but the halo cloud around it made it unusual. I took a shot of it and decided to send it in to you to see what you guys think. Is it a UFO or cloud or what?"

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  1. Freaky cloud. You also forgot to say, you know it's a UFO when it lands on your lawn and chats with the mailbox.


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