UFO Evidence Gathered By Russian Hackers Released In Video, UFO Sighting News.

On August of 2011 UFO Sightings Daily received an email containing this video. The person said only said that this is made by Russian hackers who gathered these photos and made this video with them. Meaning they hacked into top secret computers networks and took these photos that they found and made the video to show the world what is being hidden from them. I cannot verify this and the person does not return my emails.

There have been a few freedom hackers who broke into government computers before searching for UFO evidence like UK hacker Gary McKinnon. He succeeded, but failed to record the evidence, however he stated that he discovered that US Marines were stationed off world on an alien base.

Watch the video and please tell us what you think about it in comments.

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  1. What terrible music !!

  2. All these photos are CGI and primitive HOAXES !!!

  3. Maybe its a hoax, but hackers can and have broken into NASA airbrush rooms and found UFO photos and much more. This video looks real to me and therefore must be considered as evidence. However there is no evidence so far that this video is a hoax.

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  4. Send it to Linda Moultan Howe at Earthfiles. She loves this sort of thing and she will get down to if it's a hoax or not. But I do agree that some of the pics have been cgi.

  5. Anonymous has it right on. The smuggler said that.

  6. 1) the music is the worst music I have ever heard in my entire life. I would rather listen to my wife complain.

    2) The images were so unrealistic that they couldn't possibly be real.

  7. sorry its fake ^^
    see here http://clubs.ya.ru/4611686018427417544/replies.xml?item_no=3128

  8. The above Russian site URL only confirms that this is real. Google translation of the photos at the above sit state this in Russian:

    "Government Conspiracy Orion: the whole truth photo
    In 1949, accidentally discovered by our country men a plate
    UFO, strangely fallen into the mountains near the Altai. Further
    study is strictly classified."

    "996, the secretly called a Russian artificial satellite, it was discovered in Antarctica with a view virtually undamaged spacecraft giant size,
    previously concealed under a layer of ice. Analysis of the surrounding ice allowed establish that the accident occurred 24 000 years ago. Almost simultaneously ship began with the discovery of a volcanic eruption on an island all of the nearby South Shetland same archipelago.
    The real risk of losing the ship led Russia to seek help
    USA. Please, however, was subsequently canceled, and the expedition in a hurry procedure left the danger zone. Angry and unwilling to fail,
    object to reach the other, Russian, after all, simply
    due to the fall \ landing on earth in prehistoric times."

  9. If REAL or fake....how can th masses be soooo conceited and closed minded NOT to believe in EBE's....over???


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