UFO Orb Shoots Past Sail Boat In Water Near Sweden, Sept 2011, Video UFO Sighting News.



Date of sighting: Sept 2011
Location of sighting: In Ocean off of Sweden

This UFO looks a lot like the cloud orbs seen in videos. So it got to hot flying around and it took a dip?
This looks like a buoy caught on the boat, but watch carefully. As it gets closer you see its a white orb. At the beginning of the video it seems to be moving in front of this schooner but the orb slows down and moves along side the schooner as if to investigate it. It does not look like it is a buoy whose rope got caught on the boat. If this was the case you would see the rope and the UFO orb would not be heading way in front of the schooner at the beginning.

Also the UFO orb continues to travel away without slowing down. Yes I know this is not a flying object, but what the hell am I going to call it? USO/UFO I don't know and don't care. This is an awesome video and if you watch it all then you will see the UFO moving away from the boat leaving baffled expressions on the sailors of the schooner.

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