UFO over Guangzhou, China causes panic along a river, Aug 30, 2011 UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 30, 2011
Location of sighting: Guangzhou, China

Now this is the third video of this craft. At first the detail seems to good, but what makes me think it may be real is the reflection in the water. Note, the reflection is perfectly symmetrical with the buildings reflections. Also note there is a slight disturbance in the water below the UFO. Tell us what you think about this video.

I can hear a girl say, "Wo cone boo!" Which is Chinese for, "I'm very scared!"

China News Source: http://big5.ce.cn/xwzx/shgj/gdxw/201109/01/t20110901_22665683_1.shtml


  1. CG with HDR lighting, if you saw a craft that cool you would tell other people and there would be other pics and videos out there

  2. Jesus. I cant believe you would even post those two fake ass chinese videos. People will defintely lose interest in your site if you cannot distinguish between a fake ass ufo and a real one. TRY NOT TO POST THE FAKE STUFF! Thanks

  3. I understand you think its fake, however I have faith that its real. There are three of these videos all different. Also in China, you don't talk about things that could upset the government. Eyewitnesses would be too afraid for themselves and their families if they upset the Chinese government, I know, I live 30 minutes by flight from China.

    With todays advanced digital cameras, it is possible to record a UFO if it came this close to you, but don't judge them using American cultural actions. Their culture has believed in UFOs for thousands of years, unlike America. Their culture is as alien to you as…aliens from space might be. That was my experience when I moved here to Taiwan, Republic of China.

  4. That is the best piece of technology I have ever seen...These aliens have different technologies that we still have not developed...Thank you for posting this video...My class was petrified when they saw it...We are used to seen little specs in the sky, but this is what I have been waiting for, for a long time...detailed videos of UFO's...
    Keep up the great work Scott....


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