Mass UFO Sighting Over South Florida on Nov 2011, Video.

Date of sighting: November 26, 2011
Location of sighting: South Florida, USA

This is a very interesting video of multiple glowing orbs caught using "night shot" video mode over Broward County, Florida at 9:11 pm.

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  1. These orb sightings continue to this day 2013. There have been several sightings of these orbs in the past 10 months. Mostly in the western sky over/near the Everglades on Jan 1, 2013, traveling horizontally for several minutes untill they fade out. Last seen on the 19th at around 9pm at night in the NE sky not hovering as seen in video, but rather moving straight up before fading out. Need more people to post thier sightings/videos so we can document these events.


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