Orbs Near Chem-Trail Over England, Jan 2012 Cool Video.

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: England

For some reason, orbs seem to be very curious about chem-trails. Perhaps they are taking measurements of the amount of pollutants that aircraft are dumping into the atmosphere.


  1. Have you ever considered that orbs may be hiding underneath airplanes? I filmed two videos of orbs near chemtrails. When I filmed a separate video of a nearby airplane with a chemtrail, it appeared that three orbs were underneath the plane. On close-up, the orbs looked triangular in formation, glowing red on top, white in the center and green on the bottom. Maybe they're trying to mimic the airplane's lights, except for that each orb with all three colors were in 3 sep. spots near the wings and tail, unlike the specific colors of lights on a plane. You can see a very shaky close-up of one of these orbs on youtube Jan. 3, 2012 ufo sighting in oswego, IL.

    1. Very true. Thank you for you enlightening thoughts.


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