UFO cloaked in Cloud Over Wells, Nevada on Feb 2012 Video Paranormal Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2012
Location of sighting: Wells, Nevada, USA

Now this are also has the highway famed for its UFO sightings, The Extraterrestrial Highway its signs read. This person caught sight of a UFO shaped cloud hovering over Wells this week. If you look carefully you see it is actually made of three discs layered. Aliens use this for cloaking their ships when flying low. Why cloak and hide? They have rules and they must follow them. If the US government does not want the public to know they exist, then they will abide by cloaking their UFOs the best they can. This type of cloak can be fully made in less than one minute.

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  1. From my past experience temp livin in LV NV id ask myself sometimes, "IS THERE ANY DECENT LOS VEGANS" around this self centered & greedy qamblin town...

    Maybe as a whole its the states nasty & contaminated drinking water that effects the average full time resident nevadeian youd think right, tho i suspect that the tech industries & those secrative desert local orgs employess drinks only FILTERD DRINKING WATER which in turn do not in all probability cause the long turn pyscho/physical effects of drinking Nevada's now highly contaminated underground unfiltered or poorly filterd natural water supply to local residents thru out navada.


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