UFO Sightings Chinook helicopter Airlifts a UFO, Feb 2012 News Video, Paranormal.

Date of sighting: February 2012
Location of sighting: Arizona

Arizona Footage of a Boeing CH-47 Chinook. Airlifts a craft resembling a alien disk! Look carefully at this disk like object which appears to have its landing gear down. The Chinook has a 50 foot long fuselage, the UFO however looks to be longer at about 53 feet. Since the Chinook can carry 33 passengers not including the pilots, then this UFO would be able to carry more since it would be 53 feet in all directions, rather only one direction like the helicopter. 


  1. that's crap - it's not a UFO - it's teh Avrocar. have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Canada_VZ-9_Avrocar

    1. Why would a Chinook be carrying a 1961 Avrocar? He just robbed a museum?

  2. Why carry an alien craft in broad daylight?

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  4. why not haul a ufo in the daytime? its not like humans look up much these days.people are to concerned with their i-phones,i-pad's,i-pods,lap-top's. etc..

  5. Could be a large earth human made weaponized or scientific odservation drone perhaps too...

    Also if infact that is a 53' dia discoid shaped craft of ET origin it may not necessarily hold more personel of average human proportions than the chinook when you consider the mtrl's compositions inside the discoidal craft that may consist of various stationery & mechanical parts units & sys's that may consume some space proportions inside the circular hull of the vehical, that is depending on which ET's tech level is involved UC because in some cases the craft may be designed just like a somewhat hollow eggshell w/ a elaborate anti grav/destortion feild drive sys in its center of the vehical thatll envelope it weightless & frictionless in this grav based atmosphere...

    Various civilizations out there will have varoius tech levels of technological developments theyve made to travel the stars they keep the gen pub dwn here in shitty diapers in the crib as far as pub space knowledge goes because the Sec Gov in conjunction w/ the Global Robber Barons aKa GRB's dwn here is thinking of the Privitization for profits & the Militarization of various planetoids & for there mineral acquisition rights, & also on areas of the moon & mars that is if they can bargan w/ if not able to easily invade, kill & steal like the Sec Gov & GRB's does dwn here on earth, those pwrfull ET owners of these properties who i feel the SSP's military wing cannot whip quite to easily imo.

  6. HOWEVER, after realizing that this is a "Turdfaceofdamoon" production, &&& by viewing this short clip over & over & over & over & over again, i came to realize that this just may be CGI, remember there visual FX man whom we understand goes by the name of Ed, well i understand that he has his own YT show the last i heard a few months back were you can observe a number of his blue LED & quite spectacular flying model's, including what some seem to be machine parts under the influence of CGI visual tech thats to me quite funny when watchin w/ a bud & wiser UC...

    Mu Ha Ha Ha, now seriously just look at this clip again a few times to see the visual irregularities of the two images against the back ground thats presented by these clowns.

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    1. And btw, dont that music adds to the suspense, Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha, this shows great w/ a bud & beer🚬 🍺, Mu Ha Ha Ha, Ladies & Gents its the Turdfaceondamoon show featuring CGI expert Ed.


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