Dark Matter Is Visible Around Mars With Aliens Living Within It, Video March 2012.

Look at all the windows in the photo below!

Date of discovery: March 2012
Location of discovery: Mars

Look at what "RPeternell" discovered around the atmosphere of Mars. He has found a DARK MATTER like existence of some...unknown species. As you can see in his video below, there is a symbol that is there, similar to the Chinese symbol for "Sun." Do these being control the sun or do they admire or need it in some way? I too have discovered this Dark Matter and that it is solid and has been built upon by God knows what. Havn't you ever wondered why scientists are so excited about Dark Matter? Now you know. Want to have some real fun? Do his technique with Hubble Telescope photos. UFO Sightings News SCW

RPeternell states: "I went to lighten the top of a Mars atmosphere photo and came across an unbelievable Anomaly. I only brightened it for the video. You can find this photo anywhere if you search mars atmosphere. It is very popular. Go ahead and give it a try. The video is short so stick with it, you'll will see what I Mean. God Bless. RPeternell
Link to raw photo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7d/Mars_atmosphere.jpg
just brighten it the lower contrast 3 times. Thanks for watching."

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