UFOs Caught Over Hertfordshire, England On March 2012, Video News.

Location of Sighting: Hertfordshire, Radlett UK.
Date of Sighting: Saturday 10th March 2012
Time: First seen 12.10 am, ended 12.20 am
Witness Name: RB
Witness Statement: "I was in the garden and looked up at the full moon, when I saw a bright orange glowing ball of light to the right of it. My immediate thought was that I’d never seen bright glowing orange lights on a plane before. We have lots of planes fly over so I’m used to seeing their lights. It was moving faster than a plane and was high in the sky. As I watched it disappear from my line of vision, (travelling from the right to left side of the moon) I then saw another orange glowing ball identical to the first, which appeared from the same spot the first had originated. Just a few seconds later a 3rd ball appeared. They all travelled at the same speed as each other all appeared identical in size. All travelling in the same direction. There was no sound. When all 3 had disappeared, about one minute later another identical ball appeared (each originating from the same region the first had) It was quite eerie, I ran in to the house to get my camera (which took me a few minutes) and managed to film a little bit but it was so high in the sky, the video is very poor. I also took a couple of stills. The balls appeared all in the same way approx 4 times – so about 12 balls in all!! I couldn’t count exactly; as I was so surprised that the same thing kept happening I hadn’t been keeping a check on the numbers. Every time though, the orange glowing balls kept to the same speed and height in the sky, does anyone have an explanation - did anyone else see this?"

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