Kid Takes Photo Of UFO Over His Garden In England, May 2012.

Date of sighting: May 2012
Location of sighting: Essex, England

The silvery shimmering object was photographed by 11-year-old Jack Brody at his family home in Loughton, near Epping Forest. And it has caused a sensation in the well-heeled area, with locals dubbing the incident The Only Milky Way Is Essex. Jack’s dad Simon tipped off neighbours to the UFO and called police, who sent two bobbies to investigate. Property investor Simon, 39, said: “It was spooky. When a plane came near it vanished in a flash.” Simon added that his wife Karen, 41, and other kids Joshua, nine, and Evie, four, were “buzzing” about the strange encounter.

Source: http://www.blikk.hu/blikk_aktualis/ufo-vagy-leggomb-2090355 


  1. now if this is real..then its awesome!!!

    1. this looks big, weather its just one or a couple flying around eachother, shame about the low cloud though. maybe they were using it for cover.


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