Triangle UFO Formation - Apple Valley, CA - June 4, 2012

Date of sighting: June 4, 2012
Location of sighing: Apple Valley, California, USA

MUFON Case #38886: My husband and I were standing on the porch which faces east at approximately 10.38pm on 4th June, 2012. We observed 2 orange orbs side by side. Within seconds there were 3 in the shape of a triangle. My husband ran into the house to get the video camera. The orbs changed from 2 to 3. Then another one appeared to the right of the original 3, and the first 3 disappeared. From the 2nd orb, 3 more appeared and he continued to film.

The video basically shows it all. The actual event lasted around 15 minutes, even though the video footage runs for just over 9 minutes. We did miss some of the first few minutes, and also edited out the focusing of the objects.

These objects appeared above the horizon in an easterly direction over Apple Valley, CA.

A similar sighting occurred withing two hours of this one in Colorado Springs, CO.


  1. This footage is similar to what my wife described she saw about twelve years ago.
    The only ufo I have ever saw was in day light, on 4 Jul 2009 in Quincy, Massachusetts.
    A hovering pill shaped object That had to be at least 25000-30000 ft up and at a distance of 20 miles...which would put it out in Massachusetts bay, somewhere off of Hull, Ma.

  2. In 1994 I was a teenager in Phelan CA. And had an incounter with a triangle UFO along with my two neibours in the desert but the one we saw had a larger center glowing light underneath between the three smaller ones. This was a large ship that stopped above us at about 80 ft in the air. It was very quiet only a hum sound. It was a black chrome color and was BIG! I am talking big big! Like if you took had three 747s in pattern of a triangle!

    Crazy part is all three of us were abducted for a minimum of 5 hours.


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