Glowing Orb Seen Over Mountains By Group Of UFO Hunters, Mexico Sept 8, 2012.

Date of sighting: September 8, 2012
Location of sighting: Tepoztlan, Mexico

Eyewitness states (translated from Spanish):
In the Cerro de la Luz (Tlahuiltépetl), presents a still unexplained luminous phenomenon. Glowing orbs that seem out of the mountain and make changes. These manifestations are observed since ancient times, and that of the people, are more frequent in the months of September and December. They are known as "witches". Long ago, the head of the school field Meztitla scout told me that they see them often and that is how they "communicate the mountains." It is noteworthy that, while the sighting, we covered a dense fog bank. It was the first time that I spent in the village. At the rate of the mist, we were surprised that we did an event run: The lightning twice on Tepozteco. The earth shook, the lights went out, a blown transformer. The video I took during the first minutes of the September 8, 2012 (at 00:08 hours). Reports from Tepoztlan: Ana Luisa Cid.

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