UFO Over Phoenix, Arizona During Daytime On Sept 1, 2012 VIDEO.

Date of sighting: September 1, 2012
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Watch this video and in the first few seconds you see the UFO best, but it must be viewed in full screen HD mode. The way he describes it, it sounds like an mother-orb, which makes clones of itself. SCW

Eyewitness states:
This was filmed on my iphone 4. Unfortunately I did not get the good stuff on film but this solidifies what i did see before i could get my phone out and record. I saw a bright reflective type of glowing light over the sunset while in my backyard, which i originally thought was a sundog. But the light was completely away from all the clouds in the sky, which was naturally odd to look at, so that caught my eye. After about 30 seconds the brightness dimmed out almost completely until it looked like star or planet. Immediately after dimming IT EJECTED ANOTHER IDENTICAL OBJECT OUT FROM UNDERNEATH IT AND IT TRAVELED DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE EARTH FROM THE 1ST OBJECT AT WHAT SEEMED LIKE FREE FALL SPEED. As the 2nd object fell, it veered south and then stopped completely. Both objects hovered and made some weird maneuvers for about 5 minutes until one disappeared and the other eventually was covered up by the clouds over the horizon.

Strange. But this is THE TRUTH.

I wish i had a better camera because i did sprint inside and grab my binoculars.


  1. I saw the same disc. I watched for 30 minutes. I travelled two miles south and parallax shifted by 3-5 degrees. Object appeared to move along with sunset suggestion geostationary object

  2. I saw this too. Initial calculations put it at 10.17 miles due west from Glendale ave and I seventeen 45 degrees of horizon


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