Glowing White Disk Fails To Hide In Clouds, Mexico, Sept 2012 Video.

Date of sighting: Sept , 2012
Location of sighting: Guadalajara, Mexico

This sighting reminds me a lot of the white disk UFO over London, England last year. Its shape, glowing white effect and how it try is to hide next to the clouds to blend it are all part of its pattern. Keep your eye on it and you will see something even more rare…the UFO shooting away to the left. It shows us that they can travel at speeds of light any time they wish, even from a completely standing still position. Great video of a UFO. This is why so many UFOlogists scan the clouds to try to catch sight of them. SCW

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  1. I recorded the exact same thing in my bedroom years ago. I will try and find the old fone


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