Great Wall Discovered On Moons Surface, PHOTO, Oct 26, 2012.

Close up photo above.
Full photo below, but reduced in size so detail is lost. 

Date of discovery: October 26, 2012
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

While looking over some moon photos I came across an unusual structure. A great wall that has three sides of a rectangle in perfect alinement. Below the wall is another smaller wall. Yes I know, it's just a wall…but how do we know its not actually a building? Certainly they didn't just go and creat a wall without a reason or purpose. This thing is massive in scale. There is a hill inside the rectangle wall…this hill looks as if it does not belong there because the hill itself is darker along its edges where it should be lighter as with the other hills in the photo. I believe there was a structure of some kind in the middle of this rectangle wall and it was covered up by NASA…only they didn't notice the wall due to its camouflage like shadows. I made a giff to better see the wall below. Also the full version of the photo must be rotated to the right to find the wall…my full version below is to be used only as a map to find it on the original web site…the below full photo is reduced in size so you probably cannot see the wall well in it. Go to source to find the wall. 

Remember go to original photo, save it to your computer, rotate right, then look at the upper right corner for wall. Its hard to see but give it a few minutes. SCW



  1. Intersting too are the two lights on the shadow bellow where you wrote "wall", take a closer look , one is clearly a bright light reflex from inside the shadow, that streches horizontaly. Can you see it too?

    1. Hey, I didn't notice that. You got a good eye for this.


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