UFO Sighting Over Noi, Vietnam, Oct 14, 2012, VIDEO.

Date of sighting: October 14, 2012
Location of sighting: Noi, Vietnam 

Watch as this girl in Vietnam records a UFO over the city of Noi and the footage is extensive. Total footage that she posts is about 12 minutes. Thats some great evidence there. The camera shakes because the object is so very far away and she is trying hard to hold it steady, but you can still see the UFO turning or rotating. I have never seen an object except a helicopter rotate like that and this is no helicopter. SCW

Eyewitness states: "I shoot at 22 Hour, at 10/15/12. I lost much longer video. UFO only appears in the sky of Ha Noi for about one hour and then disappears."

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  1. it seems more a balloon with a base of hanging lights, the movement of the lights is like hanging lights and is not a camera problem, the only problem is the camera-girl, she did not take a position somewhere to rec well.


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