Many UFOs Near Earths Sun In NASA Photos, Nov 14, 2012.

Date of sighting: November 14, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

Check out the most recent footage directly from NASA of the giant UFOs that are orbiting our sun this week. NASA keeps silent, but this strange phenomenon was first announced by Russian scientists several years ago and yet…NASA has no comment. 


  1. Hi Scott,
    I love this site. New posts, pictures and video footage everyday. It's about time all governments and NASA came clean. People virtually know the truth anyway.
    The UFO'S aren't here to hurt us. They are here to try and repair our planet as our governments and ourselves are destroying it on a daily basis.
    This footage is amazing. The fact that these UFO'S can get anywhere that near to the sun shows they are super advanced comapared to us and draw on this as an energy field. This is probably why they are seen going into volcanoes too.
    People should stop worrying. What will be will be. The Book of Revelations predicts this. We aren't quite at the end of our age yet but I don't think we are that far off.
    God judges us nobody else.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I have to say mate; you sir are a legend. I only discovered your site recently and i am loving it. I so glad there is someone out there doing all the hard work for us all. I'm just wondering what happened the story you posted regarding the 'Angel Shaped UFO' Heading towards the sun. I noticed the story here yesterday but it is gone now. Did you discover it to be fake? I'm just curious as to why you would take it down. It seemed so significant... And if it was fake, would you not be better off to leave it on your site but inform everyone that you had discovered it is Fake. Just a thought but either way i'd be very interested to hear if there was an official response from NASA. Not that i'd expect the truth anyway but sometimes they're attempts at cover-ups are very entertaining. Keep up the good work, i just hope we get disclosure before you you get fed up and lose interest.

    1. Hi, I found the Angel post and put it on the left side of the site. It is still here but becoming less popular so only the top 10 most popular posts are seen. Thanks, and I am glad you like the site. I will keep at it.

    2. Interesting stuff,but have you notice the different faces on the Sun surfaces. Like few days back The Sun started to cry when it blinked it's right eye mouth open and tears of fire running from his eyes. Well as it is said "he will come in a blink of an eye" and more "hope He don't come on winter". Well soon it maybe is two black holes in the sun when it will start to grief for next three and a half years. ;) Mirzolot


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