Cigar UFO Caught On Live Cam Transmission Near ISS, But NASA Shuts Down Link, Dec 16, 2012.

Date of sighting: December 16, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit on ISS

This is a great catch of a cigar shaped UFO near the ISS. This happens almost daily, and if you watch the live cams you will see UFOs yourself. It may take a few hours and the ISS has to be on the light side to see them, but most UFOs near the ISS are grey metallic orbs seen in 75% of sightings reported on the cam. You would think that with all the reported UFOs seen on the ISS live cam that NASA would at least talk about it once…but they can't because they know its real. This is why we distrust NASA…their blury satellite photos, their scientists who claim to find cities on the dark side of the moon then the next day NASA silences them, CNN broadcasts metallic orbs following the Shuttle Atlantis in orbit causing its delay and shows us raw footage of several UFOs, yet NASA is still silent. 

Shakespeare once wrote, "should I act upon the urgings that I feel or be passive and thus cease to exist?" NASA does not exist, but I do! SCW

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  1. Not Lens Flare, it stays constant even though the brightness is turned up and down. Nasa must have wondered what it was, then decided not to risk showing a bona fide ufo. On full screen you can see what looks like windows on the cigar object.


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