Glowing UFOs Over House in West Yorkshire, England Dec 3, 2012, Email Report.

Location of Sighting: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: December 3rd 2012
Time: 20:10
Witness Name: JVB

Email Report to USD

Witness Statement: 3 bright lights in the sky 2 bright white one slightly off colour, there was four at one point 3 bright one dull. stationary in the sky, didnt move. they were South from denby dale, got some SLR shots and some RAW files, no tripod though decent shots though. they were taken with a telephoto lense. went down stairs to put the camera back, after about 5 mins of looking at them in the same position then they vanished as i was away from the window.
looks similar to the video recording over the hawai video you have on the site. dont know what it was but i thought i would share.

I altered the light to see the total view of where the UFO is over the house, in the photo below. SCW

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  1. Omg i saw these when i went outside for a smoke. creeped me out a bit. :-(
    i too am from west Yorks


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