Light Across Sky With Two Red Glowing Orbs Over San Diego, California, Dec 7, 2012.

Date of sighting: December 7, 2012
Location of sighting: San Diego, California, USA
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Eyewitness states:
Me and a few friends of mine were in my yard when a huge blueish-white streak lit up the sky and the rest of the neighborhood for about one second before turning into two small red lights (one in front and one on back, it looked like) and disappearing back into the sky towards the North. I thought it was lightening at first, but there isn't a cloud in the sky and when I mentioned it later on Facebook, one of my friends said he saw the same thing while driving home. The strange thing about it is that there was no noise from airplanes or helicopters, and no boom like there would be with a firework or something of the like. While we didn't see any sort of craft due to the darkness, none of us can think of what the hell it could be. San Diego is a heavy military town, so we've kind of settled on it being some sort of bizarro military experiment. To the South of my house, where the streak seemed to be coming from, there is nothing but hills and wilderness to be seen, even though we hear a lot of unsettling boom noises coming from that direction.

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  1. My partner and I saw two orbs over the Burbank area around 9-10 pm. They were hovering and a whole lot of helicopters were heading in their direction. After watching for a few minutes, one blinked twice then disappeared immediately. The other stayed for a little longer then moved out of sight. We were watching it from the Northridge, about 10 miles away

  2. Hi ,my name is angela it was on dec8_9 at 12:30 to 12:35am here in san jose calif.
    Myself and 11 other witness .saw ufos at the time most of us got before facing east we seen 7 moving across sky and dissapearing eventually.it was big redish oarnge orb.spacecrafts.i compared it with other sigjtings on internet its ufo

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  4. my name is angela i cant use punctuation and too lazy to try we seen sumpin in dah sky then it was over there then it was over here we look back and forth it going like spacecraft orbs internet says it ufo I aint dumb

  5. It was 2012 and winter I don't remember the month but it could have been December. Me and my boyfriend were on my condo balcony in Santee, Ca approximately around 8pm-9pm. When my boyfriend alerted me to what was coming from the west sky. It was 3 glowing orbs then as it was above us it split into a total of 5 glowing orbs. They were really high above at that point which make them look like little stars, but they were swirling around each other. We quickly tried to rationalize it being that we both never experienced seeing a UFO before. Were they balloons? Maybe birds or bats. Then we realized they were way too high, more of them just appeared out of nowhere and the behavior was not birds, balloons or bats. Then after swirling around a bit they shot off in a triangle formation super fast into the northeastern night sky then disappeared. We are now convinced some kind of ufo phenomenon is happening. They scary thing is there are so many you tube sighting of the samething we saw. WTF!!


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