Alien Orb performing ariel manoeuvres over Australia during day time, Jan 2013.

Date of sighting: January 3, 2013.
Location of sighting: Australia

This orb was recorded using an ir filter. Thats infra-red and was recorded in the daylight. I myself have used ir to record orbs and yes it works, but it normally takes a lot of time and patience to catch one. The best way to catch one is to focus on a plane and follow it...I caught most of mine this way, although they are often seen around clouds. One major fact about using ir filters on your camcorders is that when you look at planes...you see wings and when you look at birds...you see wings. That is my experience with using this. I don't see wings here, but only a round orb body. These orbs have extreme AI (artificial intelligence) capable of monitoring thoughts of humans from a long ways away. Looks like this one is trying to relax or buzz around looking for interesting thoughts. SCW

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  1. Scott at 1 minute and 11 seconds 2 projectile's just miss the UFO, Is that Anti air craft missiles being fired at it, maybe their not live missile's and there testing out new technology who knows. When you freeze the image it shows trails from the projectiles, Ps Scott Happy New Year


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