UFO Over England Comes Down In Small Village To Pick Up Glowing Orb.

Date of sighting: December 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Southwest, England

Eyewitness states:
Please note this footage was taken with a really bad camera phone and zoom in, there for it was hard to record and keep the background into picture. behind hill there is water sea a pier and on the left some fishing building club. This was recorded at 3 am December 29th southwest England. I cant tell u the village as everyone here knows me and I know people here don't want media attention or talk about ufos. I don't know if anybody else saw it, I'm sure fishermen did. It is not the first time. The actual object was further than it seems as I had my phone in full zoom.


  1. Its definitely not the 1st time I've seen video or pictures of that kind of ufo... I remember watching ufo hunters and they saw the same looking object.... its pretty interesting! Good catch ;)

  2. I believe we would have to be very ignorant and arrogant to think we are the only species in the galaxy. That said, why did the the video stop when it landed? It's fake.


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