UFO Over Russia Saves Lives By Causing Meteor To Explode Early, Feb 15, 2013.

Date of sighting: February 15, 2013
Location of sighting: Central Russia

Look carefully and you will notice a dark object that hovers below the smoky trail of the meteor that exploded over Russia this week. The dark object doesn't move, but appears to be watching the fallout of the explosion and its effect on the city and people below. Could it be that this alien craft actually caused the meteor to explode before it hit the ground...saving thousands of lives? It seems like aliens do intervene when we really need them. SCW


  1. hi there there are UFOs love saving lives

  2. My report is the 2nd link. the other is from someone up the road from me. My report disapeard from the site 24 hours later and they wont tell me why. Luckily this website grabbed the report and published it. the source link is dead



    1. They took it down because the photo is not of a UFO, but if you add light to it, you can see that it is a street light. I can see the metal pole that goes up to the light. Sorry, but keep trying you will catch one.

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