Rover Photo Captures Flying Object, March 2013.

Date of discovery: March 2013
Location of discovery: Mars

This photo is one of many taken at this location and in all the other photos this flying object is not there. Since we do not see dust clouds we can rule out the wind or dust devils. This object if its far away could very well be a UFO, however if this object is close then we know what it is…a flying insect. If you want a look at the original photo taken by the rover the link is below. Does NASA know about life on Mars? Yes there are those with high security clearance in NASA that do know about such details, but most do not. Why do they hide life on Mars? Because if there is insect life and animal life (both of which I have shown to exist on Mars in my posts) then there has to be intelligent life out there, and America doesn't want Russia, China, Iraq, North Korea or any other country to get into communication with aliens. That could change the balance of power on Earth. SCW

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