UFO Surrounded By Three Helicopters Over Homes In Florida, March 2013.

Date of sighting: March 2013
Location of sighting: Florida, USA

Yeah I know…I have no photo of the UFO surrounded by the helicopters. That's because no one who saw it was smart enough to take a single photo! With all the cell phone cameras, security cams and digital cameras and camcorders, apparently not one person who saw this UFO took a single shot of it. That just pisses me off. With the garbage photos posted to Twitter and Facebook, not one person in Florida would take a photo of a significant scientific discovery…a UFO surrounded by three helicopters.

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  1. i live in orlando and at approx 230am i was sitting on my patio and a very rapid moving light shaped like a triangle went over my house, first thought a plane but this object was a solid light, did not have a green or red light on the tips like an airplane uses, also was moving much faster than an airplane and was silent, no noise. i find it odd that others have said on the same day they are awakened by a mysterious sight. never been a believer of the "ufo" but this does cause one to stop and just wonder


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