Person Who Time Travels Back To 1937 Caught Talking On Cell Phone Device During Making Of Movie.

Date of discovery: April 2013
Location of discovery: unknown

It would be ignorant to believe that aliens have only just started visiting us this century. They were here long before us an will be here long after we are gone. Some aliens are known to look human but don't let appearances fool you. The look the same on the outside but they are often far superior to us inside. Remember the visiter to the White House in March 16, 1957? It was Val Valiant Thor who dressed like everyone else in the 1950s but he showed up in a silver shiny jumpsuit. Also he said he was from Venus. SCW

ADG states: 
Very interesting footage from 1938 (Filmed in 1937 and released in 1938) which seems to show a woman holding an unknown device to her ear. Its quite obvious she is talking into it, only question is what is it and who is she talking too? Footage credit to Petr Richter.


  1. But there is one more example like this one from a Charlot movie of the same period. I saw it on the net several years ago. In the scene we could see a man talking through another cell phone. But I can't remember from which web site it was available.

  2. The other even more incredible scene from a Charlie Chaplin movie showing a woman - not a man - using a cell phone is from 1928. I was able to find it at:


  3. I agree it is peculiar...these have always fascinated me. However, I have to wonder why no one around her is reacting to what would be an odd device to them. Is she invisible to them? If so, why choose such a place to be. ( also does she appear in the movie as an important character...she looks like an extra..? ) I also can't help but be curious if she is using some type of communicator to talk to the director ( like a clunky big type of Bluetooth or something...) still a great fascinating image :)

  4. to be honest, I dont really see anything, maybe just scratching her ear or something


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