Tips for buying cameras/camcorders for recording UFOs.

If you want a nice infrared camera like the one above visit the link below. 

1. Don't buy a camera, buy a camcorder. Cameras are best at photos, not video like camcorders. Video is better evidence and shows us the movement of the craft. 

2. Buy a camcorder with 25+ optical zoom or better. This is more clear than digital zoom. Optical=lens as opposed to digital=computer generated zoom.

3. Make sure it has at least +50 digital zoom, the general rule of thumb is the best optical zoom plus digital with quality is 3X your optical zoom, meaning if your camcorder has 70 optical zoom then your digital zoom will bring that up to 210 zoom before the details become too distorted. You will have to test this. Sure your digital zoom says it goes to 500X but details will blur way before it gets that far.

4. Always buy HD or Full HD camcorders, don't buy HHD and think thats HD…no its not. HHD is the memory inside the camera or SD card memory. HD is mine, gives me high quality video without using up too much memory. HD makes 720p HD video (very good detail) but Full HD gives 1080p HD video (best quality) but expensive.

5. Best brands are Sony (most expensive) Panasonic, JVC, Cannon, but before you buy a camcorder, go to youtube to check out the one you like. They have a lot of test videos testing any camcorders zoom and quality of video. Adjust youtube settings for quality. I have one old Sony, but my new one is Panasonic (decent quality video, but the 70+ zoom I demanded.) Best probably being the Sony CX260 Full HD. 

6. Only buy ones with HHD or SD slot. This means your camcorder needs to have a place for an SD card (slot) or a built in memory (HHD). Never use the old tapes or small disks. Waste of money and time converting your video. I know…I have both those old ones. 

7. Infrared. People are just now learning that UFOs that are cloaked or invisible to the naked eye can be seen with infrared camcorders. This means you need a camcorder that has been converted to FULL SPECTRUM, by taking out its filter that stops ir light from entering. Then you must buy an infrared lens of 760 (cloudy days) 850 (normal days) or 950 ir (for sunny days). I just bought the 950 because I don't want to change lenses a lot and it still does great on cloudy days. To buy one go to Ebay and type "CAMCORDER, INFRARED," in the search box, many will come up.


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  3. Great info thank you I bought a Panasonic HC V720 WORKS fine Now Im hinting the skys also got three IR Filters

  4. Thanks great info i bought a Panasonic HC-V720 NOW Im hunting the skys

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  7. Very informative post!!!! Sometimes we need buy and sell cameras, so if you have knowledge about its parts and important accessories, then it will be advantageous for selling and buying. But if you don’t have knowledge then do some research and must keep in find above mentioned points. So that you will not face any problem in the future.

  8. What size infrared lens does the SDR-S26 take in millimeters? There are a lot of options out there for lenses could you share why you chose the one you did? Thanks!

  9. Use a TRIPOD for best stable images. If recording with a telescope, buy an adapter ring then record on the Moon shadow line, that's where you'll see structures. The closer you get to the moon the faster it will move from the view, so the best next thing would be a tracking "REFRACTOR" telescope, ORION gave me the best images for the price, Celestron are only good on the expensive side, also the eye piece should be good quality usually higher price.

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  11. "Full Spectrum" means IR and UV.

    Cameras only with night vision or "IR" are ready to buy.
    Why not these camcorders?
    Not so good like "converted" cameras?
    There a people they convert to IR/UV (not only IR).

    An UFO could also emit ultraviolet light.
    inside a fluorescent tube, the plasma generate only UV light. The visible light comes from a "powder" at the inner glas surface, that changes UV to visible light.

    Also the "spooky guys" use full spectrum with IR and UV.

    This internal filter in the camcorder has only one filter, but we need 3 filters for 3 wavelength?

    What are the filter values for IR and UV, from this internal filters?

    If I would buy a camcorder for such purposes, I also want to use it normally without quality loss (compared to out of the box).
    And I would mount a UV/IR filter AND other filters (polfilter...), lenses (wide angle...) etc.. Threaded on both sides.

    By the way, would not also a faraday bag/pouche/case usefull?
    Perhaps only inside the plastic case a thin mesh.
    Or "glued" on the outside.
    OK, for the rare "close encounting incidents", but if you have this situation, you are glad to have your camera shielded against defects or shut down by strong em fields...

  12. The guide says buy HD but the SDR-S26 is not HD. I am confused by this advice?

    1. I have one and the night mode on it is utter crap. When turned on everything u record is like in slow motion.

    2. I have one and the night mode on it is utter crap. When u film with it everything is in slow motion.


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