UFO Caught Near NASA's Space Station On May 18, 2013.

Date of sighting: May 18, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at ISS

Live cams have become the armchair UFO hunters wet dream and the International Space Station live cam is a great example of this since two UFOs are caught and posted to Youtube every week. I myself have posted a few because I wanted to see if the sightings were real.  I saw them and recorded them before so I can say the chances of catching one is really good, but have a screen recorder ready. SCW

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  1. i would like to accept the existence of alien life, but something caught on camera for a second simply cannot be qualified as evidence. I find that the teo distinct possibilities surrounding alien life is that it exists or it doesn't. Although even if it did exist Humanity as a whole isn't ready because we would most likely try to kill it instead of understand it and learn from it

    OK guys, so even though space is teeming with alien life and spaceships, which we don't want the public to know about (because that would mean we'd actually get funding for a change), I think it's high time we start streaming live footage of the Earth and space from the ISS.

    If they wanted to hide UFOs, they would have a small delay between live and the actual feed (it's generally ten to twenty seconds) so that they can cut the feed before it actually appears. If there were actually UFOs that NASA knew about, they would be a lot more careful.

    There's probably a more reasonable explanation, such as lens flare for example.


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