UFO Nearly Hits Passenger Jet As It Checks It Out Over Beach, Taiwan May 25, 2013. UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 25, 2013
Location of sighting: White Sand Beach, Taiwan
Time: 12:07:21 Noon

The three of us (me, wife and son) were excited to get to the beach last Saturday since its been rainy for three weekends in a row. I was recording my son making a sandcastle when I heard the passenger jet overhead. I hoped that I might catch a cloud orb checking it out, but the sun was too bright and I do not have a viewfinder on my camcorder so the reflection of light off my LCD screen prevented me from seeing it at the time. Also its really fast so I had to put it into slow motion at 25% speed.

It seems to have come very close the the plane nearly hitting it, but I am sure its incredible speed prevented it from showing up on radar. In screenshots I see it coming from above nearly hitting the planes right wing.

I was using my Sony HDR CX380 Full HD camcorder so please adjust the Youtube video settings to HD and watch in full screen.

From the screenshot,  it looks to me to be an AI drone or in other words, a cloud orb. Cloud orbs are small and often move so fast the human eye wont notice them, but are often caught on the edges of clouds moving slowly. Cloud orbs can appear semi transparent, translucent, black or white...or all at the same time.

Thanks for your time,
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan, UFO Sightings Daily

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  1. Shit! That overtook it at least 10 faster... Great catch, was looking for an ID, or a fault but when it comes from behind and overtakes at that speed, there isn't much to pick say other than WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?! keep up the excellent work, it's great to see people take this shit seriously.


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