UFO Sighting of Glowing Orb During Sunset Over Derby, England June 24, 2013.

Date of sighting: June 24, 2013
Location of sighting: Derby, England

Very cool catch of a UFO during sunset. This being the most important point...sunset, because its during sunset that cloaked UFOs become visible for anywhere from a tens of seconds to a few minutes. It has to do with the angle of the sun being at a 90 degree angle to the people on the ground and the UFO bends light around its ship to appear invisible. Because of the shields bend light around the ship 180 degrees, it is invisible, however at sunset the sun is at a 90 degree+ angle which means one side of the UFO shield has to over compensate and bend its light 180+90 degrees or it will become visible for a short time. One thing I know for sure...I got to love this guys attitude. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
This object has appeared night after night, at different times and in different places! If calling this object something you can easily understand, like a balloon or Venus makes you feel better, so you don't have to think to much & you can keep your blinkered, mind controlled, mind set in tact, then great! Knock yourself out!  But it does not change the fact it is a flying saucer! P.S. If your being paid by the government to pooh pooh these things on purpose,  THEN YOUR A SAD EXCUSE OF A PERSON AND A TRAITOR TO HUMAN KIND! I hope the money is worth your soul! Blessings.

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