Two Duck Like Creatures On Mars Found By Curiosity Rover, Aug 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2013
Location of discovery: Mars Surface

This duck-like creature was discovered in a NASA Curiosity rover photo this week and near the duck we see a cave, which may give it shelter. Also we know this creature flies because there is another one in the far distance behind the cave in the sky. If it is a duck, it is probably resting its head with its bill tucked into one of its wings...much like ducks do on Earth. The amazing thing about this is that it has a mate flying in the distance behind it. So if it looks like a duck and flies like a duck then....its a duck! The only possible answer that would give us 100% proof is to turn the rover around and get some close up photos, or zap it in the butt with the rovers laser (my favorite) and see if it moves. SCW