UFO Over Mountains In Genova, Italy In Aug 2013: MAIL IN REPORT.

Date of sighting: August 2013
Location of sighting: Genova, Italy

This came in this morning in our email. The UFO is seen is a desolate location in the mountains, and with few human around it increases the chances of a UFO sighting. Nice detail and there is actually an orb below it on the lower right side. SCW

Eyewitness states in email: 
Hello!! I have seen your website on UFO's and I saw that you have a post about Genova! I Live in Genova, and today I took some pictures of this costume I made, and for that me and my dad went to the mountains that are just above Nervi. I only noticed it after seeing the pictures, but I can not figure out what the object is.

I attached the best picture I have of the flying object to this eMail. In other photos I have spotted 3 of them but they are very small. Please let me know if this is interesting for you, or if you want some more pictures ! ;)


  1. Hey I am also interested in scanning photos..Can I have the real image that is sent by the person I want to test somethings.

    1. Hi I am the one who sent in the image and I have the original. If you could scan it that could be great! How can I send it to you?

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  2. Naruto ;D
    That's Tessacrownster ^^ :D

  3. Nice outfit! Is the person from star wars movie?:)


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