Crop Circle Seen Near 120 Dead Elk Suggesting Possible UFO Encounter, New Mexico, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 26, 2013
Location of discovery: Las Vegas, New Mexico. 

News says there are over 120 Elk that died all within 24 hours of each other, but a mysterious circle within a circle in spotted in the TV news video. It looks eerily similar to a crop circle or perhaps the landing area for a UFO. Alien experimentation on the herd may explain a lot since aliens are notorious for their cattle mutilations and experimentations. SCW

More than 120 Elk were found dead 20 miles north of Las Vegas In New Mexico that were found on August 26 2013. Within a few hundred feet there was a crop circle that was visible from KRQE's News Helicopter. The Elk were found in close proximity to each other suggesting they were not killed by a virus.


  1. That does look like a crop circle in the distance from the dead elks. If it is a crop circle then the connection to the death of the elks is very suspicious. If it is not a Crop circle then the cause of death of the elks is the only mystery here. Gas may of been the cause of death. By whom,Terrorists perhaps. Practising the effectiveness of there next attack. Only joking about the terrorists, that is probably what the government would want you to think. It would be part of there conditioning of the public.

  2. 20 miles north of vegas is not new mexico , lol

  3. 20 miles north of vegas is not new mexico , lol

  4. What is happening to the cattle that are being mutilated? Is this being done by one or more of these aliens? Just wondering.

  5. Does anyone know the location of this?


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