Amazing Five Mile Entrance To Zeeman Crater Lunar Base, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: unknown
Location of discovery: Zeeman Crater, Earths Moon

Hey guys, I know that I have reported this structure about a year ago, but this video shows & explains it better than any ever made. 

Check out the guys site at: http://www.whatsupinthesky.com 

Eyewitness states: 
Thanks to Brad my Australian friend for reminding me of this one! This is one that you may have seen before I am not the first to find this. It should really blow you away as it did me. I am still looking for the LO slide number so you can download the picture directly without using Google Earth.. Either way I thought you would enjoy. Here are the coordinates. 72°30'41.04" S 145°30'29.62" W Open Google Earth, Switch to Google Moon. Then put those in or type in "Zeeman Crater". Then make sure you have the Lunar Orbiter slides turned on (LEFT MENU). Then switch between that and the Visible Imagery.

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  1. I can't explain why this is showing up on Google Moon this way, however... If you look close at the 'new Japanese' images, the blurred area is NOT over the "Structure". It's on the dark side of the hill/mountain/crater.

    Also, you can clearly see that there's a small crater in the spot on the left side of the "structure". The "structure" image looks (to my non-expert eyes) to be a photoshopped stretch. The light/dark areas result in a stepped appearance, and a little further edit to the photo make those "connections" to the hills around.

    Just doesn't look right to me...


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