Two ET Bases On Titan, Where Cassini Landed, May 12, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 12, 2014
Location of discovery: Saturn Moon Titan

I was looking through Saturn photos when I came across one that had the landing area of the Cassini-Huygen site. I knew any landing site had to have something of high significance for NASA to send a probe and land there, then take off again. The site photo had a close up view and in it I found two structures, each with a lot of right angles. The structure in the above photo looks to be 3-4 floors high and I say this because it has depth to it. The shadows reveal three layers, one on top of the next. 

The project to land Cassini on Titan was NASA and ESA working together...so the European Space Agency also know about the buildings. Makes you wonder how many countries know about the existence of aliens. The landing took place Jan 14. 2005, either part or all of Cassini left Titan and continued on its journey which is said to end in 2017. SCW

Below photo shows what it looked like on the surface when it landed. Actual photo below.


  1. ....what's the new????they are all over uor solar sistem,on the moon,mars,venus,....

    1. True, they occupy every heavenly body in our solar system. I agree. Every planet, moon and a few comets and asteroids that are really just massive ships.

  2. I was an Operative for the DIA years ago. THe whole satalite did not land but it has a secret lander attached to it. Or non disclosed. The whole package on manifest has 3 nuke reactor type generators. 2 for the satellite one for the lander. This is only the NASA probe. The NSF & Navy SPace command has sent their undisclosed probes to this area already. They have many more landings on moons in the solar system. For every NASA probe there is like 10 Secret probes. Been that way from the 1960 to 1997 after that I have no idea about today.

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