Newest Crop Circle In England On June 21, 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 21, 2014
Location of sighting: Popham, Hampshire, England

This six point star was discovered this week in the UK. Its design is simple compared to many we have see in the past, however the edges (lines) are so smooth and even that it looks to be made by aliens. Amazing detail and incredible footage of this formation. SCW


  1. In Original Star, there is 5 angles but this Star has 6 angles! And it is looks like Kirby's Star. Cartoons gone real!!! xD

  2. They Should check its magnetic field

  3. Any ideas what this means? Diagram for interstellar engine?

  4. Six point star? The Star of David? :/

  5. I want to visit a crop circle. I live literally down the road. Is there any still around this year to visit?

  6. yes i know exactly what this is ..they are shapes of rangolis(designs kept on the ground),,which consist of points joining lines...i know a lot number of rangolis...i am converting these points in to ascii code for decoding the information,,i require help from people who are with the same job....u can give your mail id for further discussion on this....

  7. yes i know what this exactly is..these are patterns that many indians draw on the floors (called as rangoli)as a sign of purity and that good should happen...they are drawn with the help of points joining lines..i am on this job of decoding this..above shown image..i even require help from people who are on the same job...i am converting these points into binary code using ascii code.....those who are interested can give your mail id ..for futher discussion on this topic

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