Alien Base Found With Google Moon, August 2014,-VIDEO- UFO Sighting News.

Coordinates: 19°43'02.81" N 20°30'52.97” E
Date of discovery: August 2014
Location of discovery: Google Moon
This building on the moon was pointed out to me by a reader here at UFO Sightings Daily. From this angle, we can clearly see that it is a structure. It has many right angles in the front and on the ground around it is a fence-like structure. I talked many times about the black structures on the moon. This is one of them. Not regular reflective black, but stealth flat black. Makes them radar resistant. SCW


  1. Hey I just looked it up on Google moon and its really there and I see a lot of other things near it. This is fun...this Google Moon thingy.

  2. is it me or has it been removed by goolgle???

  3. I hv googl earth images of mars forest canopy, domes metalic shining and what seems to be huge cities. Whn u zoom u cant see antng, look for places with multi-colord spots looks like tild floor. Copy in power point, zoom maxmum, keep adjustng brightns and contrast image with roads and structurs wil blow befor ur face

  4. This is also quite mysterious: Lat: 27°15'22.59"N Lon: 17°12'36.70"W

  5. I see nothing special ...

  6. Because you do not have that "special" thing

  7. Latitude: 10° S - Longitude:  117.5° E, Southwest of Delporte and North of Izsak.

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