UFO Over Victoria, Australia On Nov 2014, Close Up, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 12, 2014
Location of discovery: Victoria, Australia
Method Used: Google Earth (free to download)
Coordinates:  38°40'30.16"S 145°39'2.57"E
Chance of being real: 85%

This extraordinary catch was found by an avid UFO hunter in Australia this week. Youtube user "Scott Mcmahon" has found a using Google Earth Map. Don't worry, us Scotts are on the case. This UFO has three signs of it being real. Whats I like about this UFO is that its tilted at an angle, which is what Bob Lazar says is the typical way disks move. Also there is a distortion field all around it. Bob Lazar (Area S4 scientist) said that a distortion is around the UFOs when flying. Its due to the propulsion system onboard. Thirdly, you can see the "waveguide," sticking up through the top center of the UFO. 
Check out Bob Lazars UFO sketches to understand more. He worked on them and the CIA spread rumors that he was debunked having never worked there. Wrong...Lazar is legit. His intel is invaluable to the UFO community. 

I have heard so much about the Australia UFOs, but this is the first up close photo I have seen in a few years. 
Don't blindly trust me. Instead search for it. See it for yourself. Copy and paste the above coordinates into your search box of Google Earth and then enter street view by picking up the orange person with your mouse and dropping it at the coordinates. This orange person is located in the upper right side of the screen. It turns orange when you put your mouse over it. Seeing is believing. SCW


  1. Hi, i really interested in an scientific approach to those phenomena, but what is marked as waveguide and distortion on the image looks an awefully lot like artificials from an image compression routine, as the algorithm struggels to integrate the bright object into the uniform gradient of the sky. Just as is with the google copyright tag below it.
    Still it looks metallic with high reflectiveness which might change the appearance on the image from what its real shape is. Bet one wouldn't even be able to notice it with bare eye.
    Its hard to put it into context with an earthly object. (A flight from Melbourne to Hobart might pass the area in just that exact spot - check flightradar24 for reference)
    Anyhow, im a pilot, and thers lots of stuff up there that can't be explained ... we need to keep looking ... ;)

  2. Found it! Good catch, congrats.

  3. Think logically!!!!!!!! there is no reason why aliens would come to earth and fly around if they don't want to show their identity. honestly would you go somewhere that you know they cant see you.


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